Travel with a purpose, support local communities, explore, experience, connect, conserve. 



Customized Travel Experiences in Morocco

Morocco is a historical attractive destination since Phoenician to current times. It is a diverse cultural and natural mosaic that hosts many of UNESCO´s World Heritage and Natural Sites and Cultural Expressions.

We take you to gem places with high end standards. We look for cultural and natural immersions reducing our Carbon footprint. 

We make sure that locals get paid well.

Camels are well treated.

We travel in a sustainable way. 



Experience Mexico with local experts. We customize your trip according to your interests. We follow high quality standards.


I am from the South of Mexico City, I was lucky enough to grow up in a quiet area. My Mum is an artist and my father a diplomat. I learned to love my Country and share my culture with foreigners. 

I earned my University degree as a Historian and specialized in cultural tourism.  I am commited to the safeguarding of cultural expressions. Our trips are focused on exclusive experiences that protect the environment and are socially responsible. 



Customized Travel Experiences in East Africa

I lived in Kenya as a teenager back in the late 80´s early 90´s. I hence tailor this trips with all my hearty. I share with you hidden gems of  East Africa, Cradle of Mankind.  Forest, dessert and savannas teeming with wildlife. Reconnect with your self, with nature and local cultures. Kenya, Tanzania,  Botswana, Rwanda. Witness the annual wildebeest migration on a thrilling photographic safari in the Serengeti or other national parks. We arrange visits to research sites and talks with experts working in the field and locals willing to have an educational cultural interchange. 



Wines and Vineyards of the world

Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, United States, Morocco.



Whales, gorillas, penguins and much more

Safari tours in Kenia, Tanzania and Zambia, Gorillas in Ruanda and Botswana, Penguins in Argentina and New Zeland, whales in California and Baja California, bears in Yellowstone... 


Surf, Kayaking, Horse or Camel riding, cycling

Kayaking in Alaska, Surfing in Costa Rica, Skiing in Spain, Snorkeling in Mexico, Camel Riding in Morocco, Israel or Jordania, 



For Good Food Lovers!

"Un buen asado" in Argentina, "Un Cevichito" in some of the most mitics sites in Peru, "Sashimi or Sushi" obviously in Japan. Try some exotic meat in Kenya or Tanzania or taste the best cheeses in France. Also you can take a cooking class with our local experts in many destinations around the world.


Art, Music, Tastes... culture everywhere

Enjoy an ancient ritual of "temazcal" or live with a Mayan or Tarahumara community in Mexico. Walk through Casablanca with ordinary Moroccans. Get to know the culture of Japan with locals or insert yourself in the magical Ladackh, the Indian Himalayas ...


Trips to heal the soul and body...

Yoga in Lamu, Kenya ... offering to the Pachamama in Peru, Temazcal in Mexico, or a magical retrear in Bhutan... Namaste!