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We started business back in  2005, Morocco, East Africa, Spain and Mexico have been our main destinations.

We are a team of passionate and caring professionals in Culture, Nature and the Travel Industry.

Travel with a purpose, support local communities, explore, experience, connect, conserve. 

We offer Customized Boutique Travel Experiences. We design the experience according to your interest and needs. Local operation from beginning to end. We suggest but you choose where stay. Some Experiences request you to lodge in certain facilities.

Now, we also create great experiences in a virtual mode, building cultural bridges between the local experts and you. Cooking, tasting, nature, art, masterclasses and everything you want, trough the magic of travel. We invite to travel with your senses, your heart and your soul.

Arquitectura antigua


We create the itinerary according to your needs and budget.


You can buy integral service or all separate:


  1. Consultation to plan your trip and expertise assistance 24/ 7 from beginning to end. 
    *$100 per person

  2. A private talk with an expert before you travel.
    *Can be virtual. *$20 per person

  3. Private  transportation with local driver.

  4. Local guides 

  5. Activities

  6. Experts who can travel with you

  7. The  hotel or lodging can be booked through us or you can do it directly. 


*We strongly recommend consuming directly from local businesses.

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Meet those who have lived for long periods at the destination you are visiting, they are all passionate professionals with various backgrounds. All committed to the conservation, rescue and promotion of cultural heritage and the environment.


​No one knows more than the locals. Learn about the place where products are farmed and take cooking classes with traditional cooks. Visit studios and workshops of artists and artisans and buy directly from them. Talk to photographers and learn about their experience behind the pictures, learn tips or take a photography class with them. 



  • UNESCO World heritage

  • National Parks

  • Historic routes

  • Hike, Bike .Kayak. Horse and Camel rides. Photographic Safaris.

  • Farm Stays




We  provide marketing and PR services for travel experiences to go on-line

  • Touroperators

  • DMC

  • Museums

  • Guides

  • Event and wedding Planners

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